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We asked design cognoscente Urte Tylaite, the founder of NYC-based jewelry line and store Still House, to share a few of her favorite places in New York City to shop, eat, and see art. With an eye geared towards minimalism and simplicity, Urte takes us from a small rare books store in the East Village to Queens to see the work of sculptor Isamu Noguchi. keep reading

Handbag designer Clare Vivier is firmly rooted in the L.A. fashion community, but she approaches her designs with a Parisian sensibility thanks to time spent living in the French capital. While Clare loves calling Echo Park home, she makes sure to get to Paris regularly, whether for business, pleasure, or a healthy mixture of both. We asked Clare to share her must-visit Parisian establishments to experience la bonne vie. keep reading

Highlow Jewelry’s latest collection, Drawn, is inspired by the different marks of drawing techniques, such as squiggles and contour lines. Each piece begins as a hand-sculpted clay drawing, which is then broken down into a line of necklaces and other jewelry. keep reading

Eric Trine is a Los Angeles-based studio artist and designer whose projects vary from small scale design for commercial clients to furniture, sculpture, and decorative objects for the home. Notable for his use of geometry and color, as displayed in his iconic Rod & Weave Chair and Octahedron planters and tables, Eric is also 1/2 of the creative genius behind the multimedia Alley-Oop exhibitions at Poketo. Eric took the time out of his very busy lifeβ€”not only is he a successful designer, he’s a dad!β€”to let us pry a little. keep reading

It’s officially Spring, which means its likely your calendar has at least one wedding on it. Breaking out of the wedding gift mold can be tricky, as can finding a present that is both beautiful and practical, so we tapped bride-to-be and venerable food instagrammer Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen to tell us what’s on her wish-list. keep reading

In the second installment of our LA Photo Diaries, we asked our in-house photographer, Kourtney Jackson, to share a selection of images that she’s taken in and around her hometown of Los Angeles, or that she feels are evocative of the city itself. keep reading

For the first installment of our Poketo Playlists, we asked Zach and Emily Martin of Rhode Island-based design studio Interior Theatre to compile a diverse list of songs that give an overview of their wide range of tastes, from Japanese composer Susumu Yokata to Romanian cimbalom player Toni Lordache. keep reading

Melanie Abrantes believes that in order to create something beautiful, you have to get your hands dirty. The Bay Area-based designer makes captivating, highly functional objects including bowls, plates, and spoons from a diverse set of unique materials, such as cork and native california woods. We asked the designer to give us a tour of her Oakland, CA studio, where she has a showroom in the works as well as a line of lighting and furniture. keep reading