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On September 18, we opened a new show featuring Satsuki Shibuya’s latest collection of watercolors. Her new show, titled “FLOW,” featured twenty pieces of fine abstract watercolor – each following a unique intuition, energy and spirit. The blend of art and spiritual meditation created a contemplative atmosphere in the store, leaving all of us amazed. keep reading

What makes good stationery?

We’ve been involved with this question for the past ten years. Here’s what we’ve found: stationery should be durable and should feel uniquely yours. We’ve created a new line of specially-designed Poketo Design Notebooks based on everything we think a perfect notebook needs. keep reading

Not only is Satsuki Shibuya a skillful watercolor painter, she is also our go-to girl for the secrets of inner serenity. We spoke with her to hear how Satsuki, a native Angelino, finds zen in the midst of chaotic city dwelling and how her search for peace continually leads her back to painting. keep reading

Last week, Poketo found itself over 3,000 miles from our LA home base… in New York City! Wednesday marked the start of a two-month long pop-up at Space Ninety 8, Urban Outfitter’s concept store in Williamsburg, and Angie & Ted were on location to celebrate with an Opening Party. keep reading

Coffee has, and probably always will be, an essential part of our day. For our personal daily fix, our go-to is our very own next-door neighbor, Blacktop Coffee. When looking for tips on the perfect pourover, we naturally turned to Blacktop owner and all-around coffee expert Tyler Wells. Read our step-by-step guide, complete with visuals. keep reading

We love this town. Summers are hot and humid, the people are warm and friendly, and the art & design scene is thriving. Most importantly, you will not go hungry. Here are some of our favorite places to visit, things to do, & places to eat while you are in Austin. keep reading

Labeling Lindsey Hampton solely a ceramicist neglects the other mediums she works closely in as well– including graphic design, photography, and music. Although her main training has been in graphic design, Hampton’s ceramic pieces, with their quirky yet subdued quality, have quickly become widely recognized within the design community. Interested in the commonalities between her different creative pursuits, we reached out to Hampton with a few questions. keep reading

For designer Melissa Sonico, crafting necklaces is a natural extension of her creative being. Beyond jewelry design, Sonico is a fiction writer and blogger, and her minimalist style carries across all mediums. We reached out to Sonico to hear more about all aspects of her work. keep reading