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In light of the launch of our Koreatown Market Bag, we spoke with neighbor and collaborator Shea Parton, co-founder of the inspiring and philanthropic Apolis. Apolis was founded in 2004 by brothers Raan and Shea with the simple idea that business can create social change. Some serious dedication and about ten years later, Apolis has impacted economies in countries as widespread as Uganda and Peru, while at the same time building on the community in their home base of Los Angeles. Shea conducted an interview with Poketo for, and now we get the inside scoop on Apolis. keep reading

Lifetime Devon Dress, Teal Baggu Clutch, HighLow Ardor Necklace

If you’re headed to the more mellow second weekend at Coachella, here are three outfits that will be sure to catch the eye of that beautiful Drowners lead guitarist, Matt Hitt, or at the very least keep you looking über hip à la Dev Hynes of Blood Orange. keep reading

photo courtesy of Cykora Photography

Sean Knibb, founder of Venice Beach, CA based Knibb Design, uses natural materials, organic forms, and open spaces to create indoor and outdoor environments that blend insight, function, and intimacy. keep reading

We asked the charming, witty, and multitalented Eric Wang, Poketo’s Operations Manger (he is also a musician and DJ), to share his Poketo top five. Read on for Eric’s picks, and be sure to get out of the way if you see this proud west coaster in the bike lane! keep reading

Those of you heading to Coachella this weekend might behold quite the spectacle of a vehicle—the result of Poketo handing over a Scion IQ to artists Will Bryant and Eric Trine. Normally parked at The Line Hotel as a satellite installation to the Alley-Oop II design exhibition at our Downtown LA Flagship store, the Alley-Oop Art Car will be making it’s way to Palm Springs this weekend to soak up the sun and some tunes. keep reading

Inspired by their travels throughout bike-friendly cities in Europe and Asia, Adam McDermott and Chad Kushner co-founded Venice Beach based Linus Bike in hopes that creating a simple, elegant, and affordable bike would boost LA’s cycling culture. Now, a few years later, Linus Bikes are sold in most major cities in the United States and the LA driver has grown accustom to sharing the road with cyclists. Most recently, Linus was commissioned by The Line Hotel to build 25 co-branded bicycles as well as create local bicycling route maps for hotel guests. We chatted with Adam about biking in LA, collaborating with The Line, and the reason that Copenhageners are rated the happiest people in the world. keep reading

Erin Althea is a Los Angeles-based illustrator, painter, and sculptor. When asked how she defines herself, she says that she’s simply an artist and would prefer to go without labels. She is also the wife of fellow artist Mike Bertino (they have collaborated on various projects, including illustrations for McSweeney’s) and the mother of twin five-year-old girls. We had the pleasure of visiting her idyllic home in Highland Park, where she resides with her family and works from a tranquil outdoor studio. keep reading