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David Irvin is the Founder and Creative Director of Folklor, a creative agency that specializes in creating brand stories, from online imagery down to the kitchen sink (literally) and everything in-between. David and his agency are responsible for creating the brand identities for a slew of super reputable LA businesses, including Gjelina and Tasting Kitchen in Venice Beach, as well as our beloved The Line Hotel. We chatted with David, who happens to be just as mysterious as one might expect, although one thing can be certain—he is a man of impeccable taste. keep reading

Left: Coil Series I by Claire Zeisler. From Claire Zeisler – A Retrospective, Art Institute of Chicago, 1979. Right: Red Forest II by Claire Zeisler From Beyond Weaving by Marcia Chamberlain and Candace Crockett, Watson-Gutptill Publications, 1974.

Cathy Callahan is a jewelry designer and textile artist based in Los Angeles. Callahan is heavily influenced by the work of textile artists from the 1960′s and 1970′s, such as Anni Albers, Sheila Hicks, and Clare Zeisler. In anticipation of her upcoming workshop this Sunday, we asked Cathy to share some inspiration images from her vast archive. keep reading

In classic Bryant/Trine collaborative fashion, the Alley-Oop II design exhibition at Poketo was intended to be visually overstimulating, meaning it can be difficult to let the eye linger long enough to give each piece the attention it really deserves. While it is apparent that the individual pieces play off of one another incredibly well, as do Will Bryant and Eric Trine, the pieces, much like the artists, are equally strong on their own. We feel the work in Alley-Oop II deserves a closer inspection, from the intricately textured Copper Wall Mounts to the glossy opaque Puddle Tables. keep reading

Drive just an hour and a half north of Los Angeles and you will find yourself in Ojai, a picturesque town positioned at the base of vast mountain ranges and dotted with citrus and olive groves. Despite Ojai’s close proximity to LA, it maintains a laid-back bohemian vibe and feels somehow undiscovered. This could be partly due to its history as a spiritual retreat—the Krishnamurti Foundation is located here, as is Meditation Mount. Upon arrival, we suggest checking in to the Ojai Rancho Inn, owned by Chris Sewell and Kenny Osehan of Shelter Social Club. keep reading

photo courtesy of JUCO

LA-based photographer Meiko Takechi Arquillos is known for her colorful, graphic compositions which employ a sense of humor somewhere between sincere and cynical. We recently lent her adorable daughter, Maia, a bunch of new goodies from our kids collection and asked Meiko to document, which resulted in this amazing gif. Totally enamored, we decided to do a quick interview with the mother-daughter duo. keep reading

To many the occupation of toymaker, while pretty darn cool, seems far-fetched and impalpable. When we came across Charleston, South Carolina based Finkelstein’s Center, we knew we had to somehow collaborate. The artist-turned-toymaker behind Finkelstein’s, Michelle Jewel, makes all of her quirky little creatures (which she affectionately refers to as “Finks”) entirely by hand using vintage and up-cycled fabrics. We chatted with Michelle, who gave us a glimpse into the elusive life of a toymaker, while helping us remember the importance of finding the whimsical in every day life, and that sometimes things are better left to the flip of a coin. keep reading

Designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams are undoubtedly pioneers of the Brooklyn design scene, both leaving full-time jobs to launch their own studio in 2011, and with their lighthearted and intuitive approach to object making they have managed to stay at the forefront of the movement. We spoke with Chen about the entrepreneurial spirit, escaping within New York City, and making the big bucks. keep reading

In light of the launch of our Koreatown Market Bag, we spoke with neighbor and collaborator Shea Parton, co-founder of the inspiring and philanthropic Apolis. Apolis was founded in 2004 by brothers Raan and Shea with the simple idea that business can create social change. Some serious dedication and about ten years later, Apolis has impacted economies in countries as widespread as Uganda and Peru, while at the same time building on the community in their home base of Los Angeles. Shea conducted an interview with Poketo for, and now we get the inside scoop on Apolis. keep reading

Lifetime Devon Dress, Teal Baggu Clutch, HighLow Ardor Necklace

If you’re headed to the more mellow second weekend at Coachella, here are three outfits that will be sure to catch the eye of that beautiful Drowners lead guitarist, Matt Hitt, or at the very least keep you looking über hip à la Dev Hynes of Blood Orange. keep reading