Brown paper packages tied up with string–are these some of your favorite things? Poketo and Quarterly Co. have once again come together to create a package that is perfect for you–the #PKT03. So make sure you subscribe today to get our next box that will be stuffed to the brim!

Quarterly Co. runs an efficient subscription service that mails out a package with goods from Poketo every three months when you subscribe. Filled with modern items that are colorful, playful, and inspire creativity, each box will contain unique everyday objects that perfectly define the aesthetic of Poketo. We’d hate to ruin the surprise and tell you what’s inside the #PKT03, but here’s a sneak a peek of what went into our last package.

  • Hello! I just wanted to say that I’ve been subscribing to various people on Quarterly Co. since it started and you guys sent me my favorite package(#PKT02) to date! :)

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