We love artist Jayme McGowan who runs her blog, Roadside Projects. She does amazing, whimsical art from cut paper and often placed in handmade boxes…. cats parachuting, whales in bathtubs, girls riding flying bicylcles….it’s a total dreamland made with precise, traditional methods and materials. She is in a show this Saturday at Gallery Nucleus inspired by Maurice Sendak’s “Where The Wild Things Are”. Seems perfect for her.


Everyone is Wild Things crazy right now. This past weekend, we stopped at 826LA party and they had the Hit+Run crew screenprinting Wild Things totes. Space 15Twenty is hosting the official pop up shop also opening on Saturday. I hear its amazing, the UO crew is currently building a crazy wooden half dome and it’ll basically look like you are on Max’s island. Looking forward to all of the Wild Things happenings in the coming weeks.



I was going to keep it a secret, but, looks like the cats out of the bag already… coming pretty soon, look out for Jayme’s wallets for Poketo!!


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