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When we asked Anne Carnevale, the designer behind Carnevale Clay, to share some of her visual sources of inspiration, rather than pull images from fine art (she comes from a sculpture background) she opted to send us photos from her own travels around the world. Given the very personal and hands-on nature of her work—her vessels are coil hand built, a technique that reaches into antiquity and predates throwing on a wheel—it makes sense that Anne would be most influenced by her own fully immersive experiences. From the piercing fields of Burgundy to the ports of Ireland, read on to discover some of Anne’s most inspiring sights. keep reading

Ceramicist Linda Fahey creates engaging pieces that engender what she considers to be “dynamic simplicity”. Passionate about the down-to-earth, approachable nature of her work, Linda finds inspiration in shape, form, and the natural world. Linda’s Driftwood Utensils for Poketo came about through an intense draw to the ocean. The process of creating the utensils requires Linda to make regular trips to the beach, where she sources driftwood by hand for her creations. keep reading

We stopped by the Los Feliz home studio of artist, designer, and photographer Hamish Robertson. After a long stint in New York City working as an editor at Vanity Fair, Hamish has opted for the more mellow Los Angeles lifestyle. Finding the reconnection with nature an inspiration, Hamish works from the tranquil home that he shares with his wife, creating artwork and accessories under the name Vacation Days. Exploring themes from nature and texture to perception and geometry, Vacation Days produces limited-edition prints, cards, graphic pocket squares, and silk scarves in collaboration with guest artists. keep reading

The last days of summer have arrived, marked by lazy long weekends and Labor Day BBQ’s. The combination of these three skewers from The Jewels of New York will impress BBQ guests while utilizing the best of late summer produce. The chicken skewer is paired with sweet summer peaches, swordfish with olives, fennel, and a smoked paprika sauce, and baby vegetable skewers are served with anchovy butter. Using springs of rosemary instead of bamboo to hold the ingredients together not only looks beautiful but infuses a complex herbal aroma and flavor. keep reading

Talmadge Lowe of Pharmacie recently came back to the Poketo Flagship to teach his popular Cocktail Workshop. Workshoppers mixed, shook, and strained various cocktails, ranging from the classics to more modern creations using homemade simple syrups and fresh juices. Everyone left a newly-crowned mixologist and a little more giddy than when they had arrived. keep reading

We teamed up with our friends at Stones Throw Records to co-host a listening party for the release of LA-based producer Mndsgn’s new album, Yawn Zen. Mndsgn, Knxwledge, Annhu, House Shoes and friends spun poolside at The Line Hotel while guests splashed around and grooved to the tunes. As evident in the photos below, the party was a total blast and so chill. More pool parties soon, we promise. keep reading