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The next stop in our NYC series of studio visits has us climbing up a rickety staircase just off the Lorimer L stop to the studio of Ellen Van Dusen, where she designs her eponymous clothing line Dusen Dusen. Drawing inspiration from far-flung and unexpected places such as mid-century resort architecture, Italian industrial design, Scandinavian textiles, Google maps, and handwriting, Ellen creates original prints from scratch each season. keep reading

Known for its burgeoning local wine scene and spectacularly bad roads, Valle de Guadalupe is just a few hours drive from LA but truly feels worlds away. From eco-friendly luxury cabins to tasting menus featuring produce grown on-site and wineries that exhibit the true essence of terroir, read on for our picks on where to stay, eat, and what to do in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, MX. keep reading

On a recent trip to New York, and in the midst of a heat wave, we braved the L to the R train and ended up in the depths of Sunset Park, Brooklyn at the studio of Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Housed in an industrial factory loft building, the studio functions as both their office and workspace and contains a kind of organized chaos, bits and pieces of projects discarded or incomplete piled high on shelves or tucked into corners. keep reading

October 4th is the last day to check out MOCA’s Step and Repeat, a multi-disciplinary program of performance art, music, comedy and poetry that has been taking place the past three Saturdays at The Geffen Contemporary. This Saturday’s program will feature work from Canadian musician and sound artist Tim Hecker, New York-based writer Tan Lin, and Los Angeles-based visual artist and musician Geneva Jacuzzi. keep reading

When Sonya Gallardo, the designer behind Highlow and Poketo’s assistant buyer, filled us in on her plans to visit Mexico City, we made her promise to come back with the insider lowdown. Read on for Sonya’s must-sees and dos, from the house of famous Mexican architect Luis Barragán to the best Torta Ahogada in town. keep reading

Designer Brendan Ravenhill is a rare breed. While his work could be described as austere, utilizing a heady mix of symmetry and physics, the designer himself has an almost child-like demeanor – lighthearted, curious, and impossibly genuine. This juxtaposition of personality and creative output makes him one of LA’s most compelling and highly regarded designers. In advance of our upcoming Lighting Design Workshop at Poketo, Brendan invited us to visit his new studio in up-and-coming Frogtown. keep reading

When we asked Anne Carnevale, the designer behind Carnevale Clay, to share some of her visual sources of inspiration, rather than pull images from fine art (she comes from a sculpture background) she opted to send us photos from her own travels around the world. Given the very personal and hands-on nature of her work—her vessels are coil hand built, a technique that reaches into antiquity and predates throwing on a wheel—it makes sense that Anne would be most influenced by her own fully immersive experiences. From the piercing fields of Burgundy to the ports of Ireland, read on to discover some of Anne’s most inspiring sights. keep reading