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On the 27th of February we celebrated the opening of 66 Mugs at the Poketo Flagship, an installation of new work by the Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi. Made during her residency in Los Angeles, the collection of mugs was the result of an exploration in using local clay and gas firing, which created some unexpected, albeit rather beautiful results. We weren’t alone in thinking so – LA’s design community came out in droves, and most of the mugs were snatched up within the first hour. keep reading

For Brooklyn-based ceramicist Helen Levi, what started as a childhood hobby has turned into a full-fledged career. Approaching her work in ceramics as the creation of humble and functional objects, rather than as a means of self-expression, has allowed her to keep a certain distance and detachment from the results (and the individual pieces themselves) that has been crucial to her success. In advance of the opening of her exhibition at the Poketo Flagship, 66 Mugs, we took a visit to Helen’s Los Angeles studio, where she has been hiding out from the New York winter and creating a new body of work that is the result of exploration in local materials and firing techniques. keep reading

Poketo is pleased to present 66 Mugs, an exhibition of work made during NYC-based ceramicist Helen Levi’s residency in Los Angeles. Through an exploration of local materials and firing techniques and a heavy reliance on experimentation and unplanned shapes, Helen has created a study of mugs that are a reflection of both her artistry and her surroundings. keep reading

On the 17th of February an intimate group of creatives gathered in the Apt. Suite at The LINE Hotel for a casual conversation with Jean and Dylan of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Brit Kleinman of AVO. In-between socializing, a moderated discussion was held that addressed the topics of collaboration, exploration and production as they relate to design. keep reading

Informed by the essential components of architecture – that a product must be solid, useful, and beautiful – Cuero&Mør (meaning “leather well done”) is a line of handcrafted minimalist accessories. Selecting materials based upon the desired emotional response of the consumer, the designers cut and assemble each piece by hand in their Los Angeles studio, from luxurious totes made of supple buffalo leather to a crossbody bag that will age with time and use, exposing the habits and lifestyle of its owner. We spoke with Maria & Pepe, the founders of Cuero&Mør, about transitioning careers and continents, sourcing materials, and the importance of being close to the ocean. keep reading

Just in advance of Valentine’s Day, we joined forces with Downtown LA’s most eminent floral designer, Greta Pechter of Glasswing Floral, for a workshop on creating flawless flower arrangements. keep reading

Founded in 2010 by Jean Lee & Dylan Davis, Ladies & Gentlemen is a Seattle-based design studio whose playful explorations in materiality result in a diverse set of products from furniture and lighting to small tabletop sculptures and jewelry. With a desire to find unexpected pairings of material and function, their open, multidisciplinary approach to design results in an unexpected, ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments. keep reading

In honor of our latest artist exclusive, we poked around the Glassell Park studio of sculptor and jewelry designer Bari Ziperstein. Inspired by the rich ceramic history of Southern California, the Funk Movement, and Joshua Tree National Park, Ziperstein’s line consists of bits and parts of her totemic sculptures that have been reformed into breast plates, beads, and pendants. keep reading